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Natasha McLeod

Welcome! My name is Natasha and I would love to join you on your health and wellness journey! I have been in Health & Wellness for over 5 years and I’m passionate and enthusiastic about helping women achieve their goals. We will work together to create your individualized program and provide the support and accountability that you need to get to the next level. There is no one sized fits all when it comes to wellness!

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When it came to my own health and wellness journey the road had many twists and turns. My weight fluctuated up and down and I couldn’t stay away from the sweets( I love chocolate) and the salty (bacon is my favorite). I would start focusing on my health and wellness and fall back a little bit and then do it all over again. It was a rollercoaster ride.

In 2019 I created a vision board filled with pictures and words. It was filled with statements like “Get Fit”, “In the Next Year”, “Active this Summer” and “There’s no point in doing something if it doesn’t challenge you!” But in spite of all of that things stayed the same. They were just words. Can you relate? 2020 everything changed. The pandemic hit and I started a new job. Then the world shut down I was home for 6 months. It was at this time that I started my fitness journey. There was no big moment or big declaration. After being home for one week I told myself that I would just exercise for 7 minutes a day. I lived in an apartment building on the 7th floor. I would walk up and down those stairs for 7 minutes each day. After I did that for a couple of weeks I discovered that I had a jump rope! I never used it before. I took that rope and I jumped on the sidewalk in front of my building everyday that the weather was good. I got pretty beat up because I was a beginner. Getting hit by that rope really STUNG!

The Summer of 2020 I found some other ladies that wanted to start their health and wellness journey because the pandemic had caused them to not be their best selves. I led a couple of 21 day fitness challenges that summer. I would get so excited when I saw the ladies happy and moving! It was at that time that I decided that I could be a leader and that I wanted to coach other women and help them to reach their health and wellness goals. At this point it was more than weight loss, it was overall well being for these ladies.

In 2021 I trained at the Doctor Sears Wellness Institute and became a certified Health Coach. That was a continuation of my journey. I am still on the road and I am learning and growing along the way. I officially started my journey with just a few minutes a day and I shared that with my clients. We tend to think that the only way that we can start a health journey is to give up all of the “bad” food and exercise 2 hours a day everyday at the gym. This idea of “Go Big or Go Home” stops people from ever starting to live a healthier lifestyle. I am living proof that we can work towards our goals a little bit at a time. We can Think Small and get BIG results with consistency. It’s about making lifestyle changes and I look forward to being on that journey with my clients.

One Single Step led me towards the change I needed. A lifestyle change I plan on sticking with! The best advice Natasha gave me; find out what I enjoy doing to create routines that are sustainable.

Natasha is an amazing coach. I participated in her fitness challenges and it has pushed me to my core like never before. It is fun and filled with encouragement and energy. Her Zumba classes will also have you dancing off calories. She pushes you to be your best self. She’s an inspiration.


Natasha is as energetic as she is patient, driven and supportive to anyone who’s seeking to achieve success in their goals towards a healthy lifestyle. The opportunity to be amongst someone who does the work with you, keeps you on top of your game and is dedicated to the craft, is more than I could have ever imagined. I’m always happy to join one of her challenges and I know that I will not only meet my health goals but also meet other people who have similar aspirations and most importantly have FUN while doing it. I’ve kept off my quarantine 25lbs and have been able to incorporate movement into my daily schedule. I’m always reminded by the tips and frequent words or pictures of inspiration offered by Natasha and the safe spaces that she curates. I’m happy to work with her on the smaller personal scale but I know her gift is meant to impact people worldwide!


Natasha rocks!!! She has been both a coach and a cheerleader for me. Learning to focus on, appreciate, and celebrate my small wins along the way to achieving my overall health goals has been so important. A little bit, everyday, adds up to a whole lot. Her daily support has been everything. I feel like I’ve been transforming not only physically but as a whole person, mentally and spiritually for the better!!!